Dink and Eric NeSmith on community news

In this Season 5 finale of the Lead, Charlotte Norsworthy talks to father-son duo Dink and Eric NeSmith, president and vice president of Community Newspapers Incorporated, about the crucial mission that local newspapers still serve.


Tracy Brown on newsroom leadership

In this episode, host Charlotte Norsworthy speaks with Tracy Brown, the deputy managing editor at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and a 1988 Grady College graduate about the presence of audio storytelling at newspapers and leadership development.

Jonathan Peters on the state of media ethics

In this episode of The Lead, host Charlotte Norsworthy talks to Jonathan Peters, a communication law professor at the University of Georgia, about media ethics and whether it is time to reexamine journalistic values in today’s changing landscape.

Special: News engagement from ONA18

This episode of The Lead features a celebration of News Engagement Day, an annual digital event created to encourage engagement with news and promote understanding about the principles and processes of journalism all across the country.

In this episode, Charlotte Norsworthy talks with three media leaders from this year's Online News Association conference: Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter John Carreyrou, content strategist Sarah Tuley from the USA Today Network and data visualization reporter Brittany Mayes from the Washington Post.

Special: On the business of podcasting

In this episode of The Lead, host Charlotte Norsworthy talks to some of the key speakers from the Cox Institute’s Entrepreneurial Journalism Symposium that was held on the business of podcasting earlier this week. This episode features Bob Sullivan and Alia Tavakolian, co-hosts of Breach, Mandi Woodruff, co-host of Brown Ambition and Dan Maccarone, host of Story in a Bottle.

Elizabeth Jensen on taking an objective look at the media

Welcome to Season 5 of The Lead. In this episode, Elizabeth Jensen, National Public Radio's Ombudsman, discusses the need for transparent, honest journalism and how her role at NPR gives her a platform to respond to the public's comments and concerns.

Bonus: Introducing the new host of The Lead

In this episode, we announce and introduce the new host of The Lead podcast.

Polina Marinova on adapting when life doesn’t go according to plan

In this episode, we talk to Fortune Magazine associate editor Polina Marinova about why career challenges can present the best opportunities to grow and the importance of a willingness to start from the bottom of the professional totem pole.

Marilyn Geewax on preparing the next generation of journalists

In this episode, we talk with former NPR chief business corespondent about the importance of business news for democracy, the transition from print to radio and the promising future of audio journalism.

Amanda Dixon on Embarking on a Career in Journalism in Today’s Age

Amanda Dixon on Embarking on a Career in Journalism in Today's Age by The Lead