Mariana Heredia on Fenix Journalism

In this episode, I talk to Mariana Heredia, a Grady alumna and entrepreneurial journalist. We discuss her pivot to starting her own business, Fenix Journalism, which is centered around crowdfunded journalism. 

Tony Rehagen on growing up in a gas station

In this season 8 return of The Lead podcast, Tony Rehagen, a widely published magazine writer, discusses life as a freelancer and his commitment to storytelling. We discuss one of his stories published in Popular Mechanics, "I Grew Up in a Gas Station," a story he wrote about his childhood.

Daniel Funke on life since The Lead

This episode featured the original host of The Lead podcast: Daniel Funke, now a misinformation reporter with Politifact. We discuss how his experiences on this podcast helped shape his career and what it means to cover misinformation in today's political landscape.

BONUS: The Lead eBook

In this exciting bonus episode of The Lead, we are excited to share with you our new project: The Lead ebook! The book, titled "News Leadership: Conversations about Journalism and its Future," features excerpts from the podcast's first six seasons. This episode features a conversation with host Charlotte Norsworthy and Keith Herndon, director of the Cox Institute about the production of the book.

Purchase the book here:


Michelle Baruchman on moving cross-country for journalism

Grady alumna Michelle Baruchman moved from Georgia to Washington state for her first full-time job out of college, and she's been there ever since. This episode discusses what this transition was like for her as well as the innovative work she does as an engagement editor and transportation reporter for The Seattle Times.

Amanda Bright on innovation in storytelling

In this episode of The Lead, I talk to Amanda Bright, the managing editor for Grady Newsource and faculty member at the Grady College, about innovation in news production and how she is implementing some of these ideas at Grady Newsource.

Beth Hunt on the stability of business news

This episode of The Lead features Beth Hunt, director of editorial recruiting and development at American City Business Journals, which is the largest publisher of metropolitan business newsweeklies in the United States. In this episode we talk about her career and the status of the business news sector of journalism in terms of financial stability.

Mizell Stewart on what’s next for local news

In this episode of The Lead, Mizell Stewart III discusses his 30+ year career in local news and now as a news executive for the USA Today Network and Gannett. One of his main passions is developing the next wave of journalists. So, fittingly, we discussed the future of journalism and how students can ready themselves for what’s to come. 

Kendall Trammell on the demands of mobile news

Welcome back to Season 7 of The Lead. In this episode, CNN mobile programming producer Kendall Trammell discusses her transitions into the workforce since graduating from the Grady College, and how producing mobile news has changed at CNN.

Hayden Field on how success happens

In this Season 6 finale of The Lead, Hayden Field, a 2014 Grady alumna, talks about how success happens and life after j-school. We will be back in August with more episodes featuring interesting media leaders.